Please enjoy a special time and an unforgettable blissful experience.

Benjamin Steakhouse's flagship restaurant is located in Manhattan, New York. We offer our customers steaks made only from USDA-certified prime beef that has been long-aged in our dedicated aging room.
In addition, we have prepared not only a variety of meat dishes but also seafood options for you to enjoy.Furthermore, we stock wines from around the world, mainly from America, and our sommelier will suggest wines to perfectly match your meal and personal preference.

Our Story


"Benjamin Steakhouse" was founded in Manhattan in 2006 by its two owners, Benjamin Sinanaj and Benjamin Prelvukaj, along with Executive Chef Arturo McLeod, who has been honing his skills as a steak master for over 20 years.


In June 2017, they opened their first overseas restaurant in Roppongi,Tokyo. In December 2018, they opened their second Japanese location in Kyoto. Most recently, in April 2022, they opened their third location in Japan, which includes the largest terrace in Tokyo, the "Benjamin Terrace Lounge," at Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho.


At Benjamin Steakhouse, we offer high-quality beef that has been aged for at least 28 days in our dedicated aging room. The beef is USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) certified prime and is cooked by chefs trained by Arturo McLeod using steakhouse-style cooking methods to lock in the flavor.


Our restaurants also feature a calm atmosphere, making them suitable for many different occasions such as lunch for one, gatherings with friends or work colleagues, meals with important guests, and moments with a special partner. Ours is a steakhouse where customers can enjoy not only the food itself, but also the charm of the space.

Menu Recommendations


  • Porterhouse steak for two

    Porterhouse Steak featuring a large filet and sirloin. It is grilled at high temperature with a touch of clarified butter.

  • Ribeye steak

    Grilled at high temperature for a juicy, aromatic flavor.

  • Live lobster

    Fresh Canadian lobster, steamed or grilled to your liking. Dynamically served with our special clarified butter.

  • Seafood platter

    Seafood from Japan and around the world gathered on one luxurious plate.Served with our special sauce.

  • Benjamin salad

    This salad sits on a bed of mesclun complete with crab meat, red onions and apples which allow you to taste the harmony of the various ingredients.

  • Key lime pie

    This pie is made with fresh key limes for a rich flavor.The acidity and sweetness create a perfect balance.